Our Thoughtful Guy

our thoughtful guy
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01916

Our Andy is super thoughtful. Today, before when I went over to the Marriage Prep course Andy asked if they could walk up to get Boba. andy also wanted to get us a dozen mochi donuts. Andy only had enough for 4 donuts because they did not take taxes into account. That is okay since Andy now knows to factor that in next time.

at first I was a bit reluctant to have Andy walk downtown on their own but any time Andy wants to do something other than play VR I’ve go to say yes. I was all over the place at Andy’s age on my own and my parents had no way to track me. I have the ability to track Andy’s phone with mine. It is a very nice feature to have.

The rest of the afternoon I had marriage prep with Allison. We did our financial talk and then went to church with the team. It was a nice afternoon. Then we got home and took Andy out to Bliss for dinner. We had a nice time there together, too.