And Then… Disaster Struck

3D Printer Issues
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01953

All last night I attempted to print something for Eva. The printer would print one layer and then nothing would come out. I was able to get the filament out once, reset the printer and print a baseline item, a scraper. It worked fine. Then I attempted to print the item for Eva again. It would not print.Then I could not get the filament out, it jammed up in the extruder (something I learned later).

This is what happens when I take things apart and try to get to the problem but cannot find it right away. Also, there are no manuals anymore that would show you an entire diagram of the product. Not even in a .pdf format. So I have to rely on YouTube videos and trial and error. I hope I can get this back together properly.

filament stuckI later got to this point to fins a piece of filament that I could not pull out. I had to snip it off to get this piece to release. Still did not fix the issue.