The 3D Printer is Fixed

some 3D Benchy prints
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01969

I decided it was time to finally get that 3D printer fixed. I had watched a ton of videos on YouTube looking for each and every screw and how things were supposed to go back together. I had the 3D printed part that my cousin, Shaun printed for me. This part replaced the broken Fan hood/housing. I had bought a little LED device to put in this newly printed piece but it would not fit and the power connectors were not compatible with my machine. I think you have to know how to solder and put together new connectors to make that happen. This is something I do not have the skill to perform at this time. So instead I am going to figure out a 3D printed housing solution for the mini LED screen and power it with the USB-C connector on it instead. I may try and add this to another print of mine down the road, we’ll see, though.

To test out if everything was back and in working order I printed out a “benchy” that is a benchmark boat that one prints to make sure the printer works. Well, the far right one was one I had printed when I got the printer and had done nothing to it. The middle one was printed right after getting everything back up and running. The one on the left was printed after I tightened up the belts and that made the print come out pretty near perfect. Time to get back to printing.