Pride Flag Raising 2024

eva and turtle
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01973

June is Pride month. Attleboro does a pride flag raising at the city hall. Allison, Eva and I walked downtown to participate in the event and to also see the vendor fair at the Balfour Riverwalk. It was a very nice ceremony and there were some great vendors at the fair. Although, they did raise the flag upside down. I haven’t been back to see if they corrected that or not.

pride flag in attleboro

The vendor fair had a lot of good vendors. There was one person who was selling lots of 3D Printed items. They were quite good. We also got to talk to the people form the new bookstore downtown and we talked with people from the Attleboro Public Library as well. We also saw the new murals that had been painted at the riverwalk.

new mural

On the way home Eva noticed a turtle that had crossed the road. I snapped this photo of her and also her new cape. She got that for one of the streams that she watches. I thought that she had made it.