Cheese Shirt

cheese shirt
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01976

Andy asked Allison to make them a special shirt. Andy wanted a shirt that said Cheese in a cheese font and also to have a piece of fruit on it. Andy has a surreal sense of humor. Andy wore this shirt to school today and I was hoping to hear that people got a kick out of the shirt but no one mentioned it to them.

band concert

Today was also Andy’s last day of Rock Climbing Classes and the final band concert of the year. We went to climbing and then zipped back for the concert. We were joined by my parents and Uncle Jim who was home from California. The concert was good and Andy did a nice job.

After the concert we went over to Bliss with Uncle Jim. Andy and I had some dinner since we missed getting something on the way to the concert. I thought we’d stop at McDonalds but the line was about 10 minutes long and we only had that much time to get to the concert.