Andy’s Last Day of School 2024

last day of school
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01985

Yesterday Andy went to school in two different flannel designs and sleep pants. Today I went to make sure that they were ready to go and Andy’s laying in their bed in a full on suit. Andy decided that it would be funny to wear a suit on their last day of 6th grade. I can’t argue there, it was funny. I laughed pretty good when I saw this. Andy’s teachers noticed and one called Andy “dapper”. So that is good. Another good thing was that we got Andy’s report card today and Andy had all A’s. Andy worked very hard this year and it was a great decision to move them over to public school. Andy has been thriving there.

This afternoon we went to the movies as a family to see Inside Out 2. We loved the first movie and Andy had asked if we could see this on the last day of school. so, I got tickets and we went. The movie was a very good sequel to the original. The main character, Riley, is growing up and so in addition to the emotions from the first movie we get a host of new ones that came in just in time for Riley to hit puberty. There were some great moments in the movie and I completely laughed out loud several times. And I definitely teared up at the end. Very well done.