But I Love to Fish

But I Love To Fish
Photo-A-Day #2244

This morning I finally got my kayak on the water. I also took my new fishing pole with me and spent four hours out there. It was so relaxing to sit out on the water and just cast over and over again. I ended up catching a small crappie (Identified by Jim Kukral on my video. It was a a wonderful morning to just get on out there on the water and paddle around and enjoy time outside.

I have not been fishing in many years. I think the last time I really went fishing was either on a boat trip with my dad or from the rocks at the Cape. I’d never gone fishing from my kayak before and that was interesting. I need to get a rod holder too so that I can concentrate on paddling and maybe even do some trolling with the boat. I realized that I was missing a few things so I made sure to pick them up from Bass Pro Shops this afternoon. I may end up a regular there. Oh boy.

We were up by Bass Pro Shops because we had an appointment at the doctor to hear the Baby’s heartbeat. Eva came with us and she was thrilled to be there. she charmed everyone at the offices too and found her baby photo on the wall.

Baby Bennett is doing well.

Tomorrow I’m taking Eva fishing for her first time. I picked up hot pink bobbers for her at Bass Pro Shops. She is thrilled.

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  1. LOVE the color in this photo!! I thought it was cut up pieces of paper at first…too cool is nature:)

    Very happy that Baby Bennett is doing well!

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