Getting Excited for Dark of the Moon

Photo-A-Day #2262

The release date of the Transformers 3 Movie keeps getting pushed up. The last I heard was that the 3D version of the movie will be released as early as Tuesday June 28. I had two hours available to me for “holiday time” for my new job and I took it on July 1 so I could catch the movie on that Day. I thought that would be an early showing but now I guess I can see it well before that day. So now that those 2 hours are locked in I feel I threw them away a bit. It is hard to know what day would be a good one to use two hours and what little difference two hours actually makes on a 12 hour shift.

I’m settling into this 12 hour at a time shift well enough. It is a crazy shift that happens on Friday till Monday and it is something that I am slowly getting used to doing. I love having my week completely free to spend with the family and that will come in very handy in the next month as we prepare to move to our new home. Monday is the closing so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get any sleep on Monday morning because I’ll be so excited.

I know that I will be so glad when I finally sign over the closing and final payments for the house and get our keys. Allison and I discussed what we would move in first. I knew exactly what we should move in and that is a special jar that says Bennett Family established 2005. So we’ll take that with us to the closing and go from the closing to the house to bring that in when we go take a look around and see what we should start working on.