Not Exactly Inspired Lately

Photo-A-Day #2325

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but I haven’t sent my Photo-A-Day photos to Flickr, Facebook and various other places in over a month. I got out of the habit of taking the photo, adding my watermark and then posting to Picasa, Shuttercal and then Pixelpipe. I missed it one day and meant to go back and then one day turned into a month. I’ve got to go through the past month’s backlog and write descriptions of each photo and post them all up so that they populate various places like all the blogs that are hosting my Photo-a-Day Photos. Thing is no one has noticed that I haven’t sent the Photo-A-Day to Flickr in over a month and that makes me realize that those photos are not being seen anyway.

With the new house I’m spending more time unpacking and enjoying being a homeowner than doing anything else. I’m happy with it, I enjoy our home and love that we are living there. that also means that I’m spending less time online and therefore am not as connected to the Social Media world as I was when I worked 9-5 and spent time online connecting with people. Heck I haven’t even recorded a Geek Dads episode in Two weeks. I feel like I’m completely losing touch.

This Monday I head down to New York to speak at Affiliate Summit. I’m the content guy in my session. I’ll be talking about how content can help connect you with an audience. That’s great but I feel completely disconnected now and so that will be interesting. I’ll use examples like my recent trip to Larry Joe’s and my collaboration with The Hot Dog Man which is funny since I have a ton of footage and haven’t been inspired to render into a decent video yet.

As for my photos I’ve not gone out and tried anything inspiring in such a long time. I have a great program that I’ve been meaning to complete called Legacy Learning Learn and Master Photography. I just found that in one of the moving boxes and think it is time to complete watching the DVD series and maybe I’ll be inspired to get back out there and try something experimental.

As for Social Media I’m hoping that ASE11 will be a way for me to reconnect with a bunch of my friends and find a little inspiration that I’ve been looking for.

12 thoughts on “Not Exactly Inspired Lately”

  1. The only reason I have not noticed the Photo-A-Day widget being updated is that I took down all my old blogs about a month or so ago. But I just put the code on my new blog, So, when you get a chance, please take down the links to the defunct blogs and put the new one up instead.

    I can understand how you are feeling. Moving is a royal PITA. We still have boxes piled up all over the place. The good news is that we’re getting the last of our stuff out of he House O’ Hags today, and then we are done with them forever.

    1. Christine,

      I’ll take down the old links and add the new one. I’ll be going back to my old way of doing things and the images will be updated soon.

  2. I’ve noticed on ShutterCal that you haven’t had captions there, but I also figured I was just seeing the pics before you wrote them in.

    That, plus now that I’m following your blog, so I usually know what the meaning of the pic is already when I see it, so I guess it didn’t stand out as much when there was no description.

    But I definitely know the feeling. When Dana and I were doing our joint-365, there were some major lulls where every night it would just be a picture of us sitting in bed taken with my macbook’s cam.

    1. Thanks Justin,

      I’ve got to get those captions back up and working. I know that traffic was much higher when I would write captions and link back here from various places. Thanks for sticking it out and checking out the blog and the photos.

  3. Difficult at times to stay motivated and keep posting / contributing. Fatigue sometimes kicks in!

    That’s the challenge of any online activity and for most bloggers.

    1. Barry,

      It really is, when I was on all the time because I was at work and could tweet or interact all the time it was easy. Now finding the balance is what is a bit difficult.

  4. I just figured you’ve been hella busy getting the renovations on the house done, the move done, adjusting to your new schedule, parenting Eva, prepping for the new little, and having a kickin’ marriage with your awesome wife:) You know…just a few things. 🙂 I never ever thought you weren’t motivated…just enjoying the changes in your life:)

    1. Mo,
      I have been busy with the house. My priorities certainly have changed in that the house and family are much more prominent, which is good. I also am not in front of a computer all day long either so I am limited in the amount that I tweet and interact now. I just feel like I haven’t done an amazing shot in a while and things are so mundane with my photography that I was getting a bit down in the dumps about it.

  5. Hey Drew,

    Was thinking of doing my own Photo of the Day since I finally started using my DSLR again. Any advice?

    1. Lisa,

      MY best advice for doing a photo a day it to just do it. Always be thinking of what would make a great shot and always carry your camera with you.

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