Photo-A-Day #627 12/26/06

Photo-A-Day 627 122606

today Dad and I worked on the new bedroom to get it all ready for the delivery of the mattress tomorrow. They are coming between 11:00am and 2:00pm. I called and talked to Jay at Sleep Easy and he said that he wondered if I had moved to another country. He was asking that because so much time had passed between when we bought the mattress and when I called to set up a delivery date. I assured him that no we had not moved and we were just getting the room ready for the new mattress.

Getting the room ready today consisted of adding shelves to my closet. A piece of molding int he area between the rooms. Taking off cleaning and then painting the baseboard for the heat. Painting the new trim around the baseboard. Touching up some of the spots that had been missed on the first go around. And then finally putting the doors back on and washing the doors and floor. Tomorrow I will give the baseboards one more coat of paint, wash the windows and window frames, wax the floor and assemble the new bed frame from IKEA.

Then we will look for window treatments, an area rug to put under the bed and a new bureau for Allison. We should also get me some draw liners for my built in set of drawers in my closet. Dad added wiring for a light to my closet and we just need to put in a fixture. We will probably move things in on Friday. Then we look ahead to the next room. So if you’ve been following, that is two rooms done. 4 more to go.

Taylor spent part of the day with us in the bedroom, she was very good all day. Such a calm dog, and she didn’t get any paint on herself.