Road Tripping: Perkins, Zetas and Wedding

Allison Cara Ian
Photo-A-Day #2024

Yesterday I talked about Allison and I taking a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid on a Road Trip from MA to PA. Chevy provided the vehicle for us to test out. But I didn’t really mention why we were going where we were going. We had lots to do and only one day to get it done. So, after a fitful night of sleep… I’m figuring that my OCD spent much of the night trying to arrange and categorize the thoughts of my ADD because I woke up tired. And we had an hour and a half drive to get to our destination.

We got out to the car and saw a beautiful day ahead of us. The Fall colors were out in force and were nice to see. We drove along the Susquehanna River and into Danville and then to Selinsgrove, PA. This is where Susquehanna University is located and it is Allison’s alma mater. She was also part of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. This year was the 25th anniversary of the sorority as well as Allison’s 10 year college reunion. I guess the college used to have reunion weekends but stopped and combined them with homecoming weekend.

But before we went to the college we met up with Allison’s good friend Elise and her two children at a Perkins. Perkins is a chain restaurant that has a tremendous bakery and breakfast menu. We don’t have them in MA so we like to eat there on our trips to PA. I spent the meal entertaining the kids with my antics so that Allison and Elise could talk. I noticed that Perkins uses Social Media and they even have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle and this information is printed on their menus. That is a good thing for restaurants to do. I immediately began tweeting about the meal and how tasty it was. People love talking breakfast.

After breakfast we went over to Susquehanna University. We walked the campus and met up with some more of Allison’s friends. We hit the bookstore and then went to the Zeta house. There we watched the homecoming parade and then took a large group photo of the girls at the house. Our visit to SU was short though because we had to drive another 2 1/2 hours across the state to Philly so we could go attend Allison’s friend Ian’s wedding.

Our drive across the state was nice, we zipped along and enjoyed some snacks, and music and conversation. For some reason we were not as on time as we thought so instead of going and checking into the hotel we got ready in the car and a rest stop and headed right to the country club for the wedding.

The wedding was really nice and was at Manufacturer’s Country Club. The ceremony was very nice with a good minister and some real emotion and humor from the bride and groom.

We were seated with Allison’s good friend Cara and her husband, Matt. Lucky for me because Cara likes to dance and so she and Allison danced most of the night away. I dance to a few songs, never line dance ones but some old school songs like It Takes Two (How can you sit still through that song, really?) and of course slow songs.

After the wedding and reception the bride and groom invited people to stay for an after party as we watched the Phillie’s lose from the comfort of an upper room bar. It was a very nice day and night. We got to the hotel after midnight (got a little lost) and to bed after 1:00am. Tomorrow is going to be tough. Luckily the room was comfortable and we slept like rocks.

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