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Review: Eva’s New HABA Doll Elise

Photo-A-Day #2312

Moving can be a difficult transition for a kid. Eva has done fairly well so far and that is great. She was away with my mom for the bulk of the major move so that she could come home to her new home and not be underfoot while we were bringing things into and out of the house. I had gotten a doll to review and we knew that Eva was going to be spending some time away before the move so I saved it to give to her right before she went. Continue reading Review: Eva’s New HABA Doll Elise

Road Tripping: Perkins, Zetas and Wedding

Allison Cara Ian
Photo-A-Day #2024

Yesterday I talked about Allison and I taking a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid on a Road Trip from MA to PA. Chevy provided the vehicle for us to test out. But I didn’t really mention why we were going where we were going. We had lots to do and only one day to get it done. So, after a fitful night of sleep… I’m figuring that my OCD spent much of the night trying to arrange and categorize the thoughts of my ADD because I woke up tired. And we had an hour and a half drive to get to our destination.

Continue reading Road Tripping: Perkins, Zetas and Wedding