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Princesses at Dinner

Photo-A-Day #1942

Eva has been doing a phenomenal job with potty training. She gets a sticker for every successful try (on the potty nothing but bowl). When she gets seven stickers she can pick a prize from the prize basket. Every other time we add a little toy princess to the basket because you know she is going to choose a princess if given the choice. So in order for her to pick things like little M&M packages or containers of Play-Doh we have to sort of stack the deck and control the flow of prizes. Continue reading Princesses at Dinner

It’s a Major Award

Photo-A-Day #1941

Today was the Allison’s Family Reunion. It was a gathering of her grandparents, their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. We’ve been having these sort of events at Aunt Jan’s house for the past few years and they are a lot of fun. This year was one of the best in my opinion. This year we got together and had a Steak Tip Recipe Competition. See, we can’t just get together to get together, there is always an element of game play or competition involved. I like that. Continue reading It’s a Major Award