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Unboxing Voltron Metal Defender Series from Playmates Toys

Form Sword
Photo-A-Day #4509

We received a package of new Voltron Metal Defender series toys from Playmates Toys to play with and review. These are my opinions alone.

I have to admit, I was walking the aisle of Target and saw that there were these new Metal Defender Voltron lions out for sale. These were diecast metal lions that combine to for Voltron. I saw that there was a set with all five of the lions together and so I asked my contact at Playmates Toys if I could get one to review. I did not get that one, instead I got a box that had all five individual lions in separate boxes. This was perfect! I was super excited wen I got home and they were there. These were the Voltron Toys I’d been waiting to see made. These lions work together to form an 8 inch Voltron. You can see how they all go together in my video below and then I have some photos of each lion and Voltron below.

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Anamalz: Cute, Poseable, Green

Photo-A-Day #2257

Eva playing with a couple of wild Anamalz. Anamalz are cute little wooden animals with huge personality. One of them is a cute little giraffe and the other is a brontosaurus. I know that they aren’t called that anymore but I am glad that Anamalz still call them that. That is what I grew up with. Eva was pretty excited when these arrived. She loves giraffes, they are her favorite animal. Continue reading Anamalz: Cute, Poseable, Green