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The Last Day of April Vacation 2018

Breakfast with my Girl

On this last day of April vacation I spent the day with Eva. Andrew was in a day long camp at Karate and he was excited to be able to stay there for the day. I think this was really good for him to experience this. He had been looking forward to this for a long time. He ended up having an excellent day.

I took Eva to Morin’s for breakfast and she loved it. I enjoyed having a great time chatting with her. She was so excited for the day because we were going to watch The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 today. She has learned a lot about comic books and because she loved Thor Ragnarok so much she is interested in reading Thor comics. I’m excited that she has more interest in reading comics.

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Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO with Andrew

LEGO Time with Andrew - Guardians of the Galaxy

It feels incredibly weird not to be making this photo number 4751. I am still a bit rocked and shocked that my photo-a-day streak has come to an end only 5 days into year 14. Everyone has been really supportive and nice with all sorts of advice from keep going to take a rest. The project was such a part of me for so long that I am a bit lost. That is something that I will have to work through.

Today was the start of school vacation week. I was actually home because I had taken a sick day last night. It wasn’t until this morning that I actually realized that I had missed my photo. But, I was home to start vacation week off with the kids. The weather was not that accommodating, though. It poured all day long and because of that we did many indoor things including building more of my Marvel Super Heroes LEGO sets. I am trying to get most of them built before Infinity War. I’ll certainty do all the ones that go along with that movie before I see it next Friday morning in IMAX!!

Andrew picked out this set because it had Groot in it. He loves Groot. The Groot character in this set is the original one from the first Guardians movie. He enjoyed building this figure.