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Where are the Lemurs?

Photo-A-Day #1513

Today I scanned a number of photos of Grandma Theresa for the wake. I also scanned them so that I had them in my collection. I love old photos. I love how they look, how people in them looked and the feel of the photo itself. It is actually pretty amazing that there were so many photos taken, especially with how expensive they must have been.

Our family has such a rich history. Taking photos has always been a big part of my life. At each family event someone had a new camera and I was usually shown it first to figure out how to use all the features. We took so many photos. Tomorrow our family will come together for a little cookout to talk about, celebrate and reminisce about Grandma Theresa. My Uncle Richard has a number of photos that I will also scan. We talked today and he reminded me of some fun that we had when I was a kid.

Today we spent a little time with Eva at the Capron Park Zoo. She loves the animals and I want her to have some strong ties to the Capron Park Zoo too. As a kid this was one of my favorite places to visit. I loved seeing the Polar Bear (Frosty) and the Buffalo. They are obviously no longer at the zoo but there are some other great animals that Eva can enjoy like the Ocelots, the Lemurs and the Otters. Eva also loves the Kangaroos, the Lion and the Llamas.

Since Eva probably won’t start to remember these zoo visits until she is older I take a bunch of photos to keep in our digital scrapbook. Like this one.


This was taken shortly after Eva was almost knocked down by a hyper little boy who was slightly older than Eva. She stopped and ran over to Eva and hugged her. She didn’t want much to do with him. Later he ran over and gave her a hug and a little kiss. She was not at all pleased. I then ran a little interference after that. No strange little boys are gonna go kissing my little girl. So on her face there is a look of concern that the little boy was coming her way. He was but I scooped her up before he could get closer.

Lemur island opened recently and as you can see from these photos the Lemurs have some pretty nice diggs.

The home of the Red Ruffed Lemurs

The home of the Ring Tailed Lemurs

You see the Lemurs on their Islands from a brand new bridge through the pond. Eva stood on the bridge and peered through the fence. I leaned over and held my camera upside down to take Eva’s photo. then in Photoshop I rotated it 180 degrees. I used the Wide Angle for this shot and the flash too. It is interesting how an upside down flash makes a photo look.