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Review: Plasma Bike

Eva on the PlasmaBike

Back in December I was sent one of these Plasma Bikes by PlaSmart to try out and review. It took a while what with the weather and all to be able to try it out and let you know my opinion of the toy. Here is my take on it.

I was immediately taken with the design of the Plasma Bike. With the wide tires and the big holes through the wheels it is a funky looking bike. It is also super light weight (under 7lbs) and has a carry handle built right into the design. A nice wide seat and a little “beep, beep” horn on the handlebars round out the bike. It is also fun to ride.

Eva is a bit too big for the bike but she still manages to get on it and ride around a bit. Andrew is a bit too small for it but he still manages to get himself on and push around a bit as well. We recently had a group of Eva’s friends come over and one of the people who came had a 3 year old son. He was the perfect size for this bike and he spent almost the entire time tooling around on it all over the back patio.

I made this an outdoor toy because the tires are plastic and I didn’t want anything getting picked up and stuck to the tires and scratch up the floors. The Plasma Bike makes a great outdoor toy because it is plastic and it can handle being left out in the rain overnight. Just hose it off and it is ready to go once the sun comes back out.

The Plasma Bike is so simple and intuitive for kids. They are drawn right to it and quickly hop on to race around. I know that this is something that Andrew will grow into and enjoy using very much as he does.

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