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Dashing Through the 100 Acre Woods

Photo-A-Day #2071

Christmas time is here and now we have decorations ending up all over the place. We’ll be getting ready for the holiday. this weekend we will go and get ourselves a tree for our dining room. That is where we set it up. We’ll also be attending a family Christmas party on the weekend. I love this time of year. I also love the Christmas specials and when TV shows do Christmas Episodes. Continue reading Dashing Through the 100 Acre Woods

Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Photo-A-Day #1917

Allison and I are big TV fans, we spend many nights watching TV as I write my blog posts. We are fans of all sorts of shows and the DVR is a magical device in our home. It is great for keeping some of Eva’s favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and we use it to capture our favorite shows and specials that we’d love to watch again. Sometimes we get behind on the shows and have a little DVR cleaning night where we clear out everything. Continue reading Chalk, Walk, Good Talk