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Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Photo-A-Day #1917

Allison and I are big TV fans, we spend many nights watching TV as I write my blog posts. We are fans of all sorts of shows and the DVR is a magical device in our home. It is great for keeping some of Eva’s favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and we use it to capture our favorite shows and specials that we’d love to watch again. Sometimes we get behind on the shows and have a little DVR cleaning night where we clear out everything. Continue reading Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

He Said: The Office,Scrubs,Traveler

The Office: – A super sized office tonight. Michael takes the office sans Toby to the beach for beach day. But instead of a fun and relaxing day at the beach the folks form the Office are subjected to a bizarre Survivor-esque set of games. The games included an egg and spoon race. I love how Dwight still calls Ryan ‘Temp’. Then there was a hot dog eating contest and Michael reveals his true intentions, he is testing everyone to find out who should replace him as regional manager. Once the group finds this out Stanley steps up to try and win at everything and results in a hilarious scene between he and Jim.

Jim and Karen both call in to corporate to apply for the job. Andy ends up floating away after trying to do something by the water’s edge and Angela just lets him float away. The final test is a walk through fire. Pam goes ahead and walks across the hot coals and then goes through an epiphany moment. She reveals everything that had been pent up inside her for the last few months. Here feelings for Jim, Why the wedding was called off, and how pissed she was that everyone decided not to go to her art show. It was a great Pam moment.

Scrubs: – Elliott begins to plan her wedding in earnest. She of course has had a wedding book for years. She ends up talking crazy as usual and begins to have doubts. All the while Dr. Cox is helping her feed more and more into her own insecurities. Keith is so smitten that he puts up with all of the crazy as usual and J.D. and Turk go to a convention. At the convention they end up running into J.D.’s ex who he got pregnant and who told him that she miscarried. She didn’t. That may be a plot device for a soap opera but is terrible for a lighthearted show like Scrubs. I was disappointed in that direction for the show.

Janitor took over the role of the chief of medicine and actually got some things done around the hospital. I really do like the janitor’s little schemes. He and Dr. Kelso reconcile in the end. And the hospital has a new doctor, Dr. Toilet. That was pretty funny. Turk and Carla pretty much took a back seat to J.D. and Elliot’s stories this week. Although I did like that J.D. and Turk got Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear name tags at the conference.

Traveler: – Tonight was a sneak preview of a show that will be premiering on May 30th at 10:00pm (It is taking the Lost time slot). The show is called Traveler. And this show is pretty intense. There are many twists and turns and the action is pretty good.

The show centers around three grad school buddies, Will – played by Aaron Stanford (Pyro of The X-Men), Jay – played by Matthew Bomer (Tru Calling) and Tyler – played by Logan Marshall-Green (The O.C.). The three set off on a 2 month cross country road trip. Will is the free spirit and convinces Tyler and Jay to pull a prank in a museum in New York. Will always has a video camera with him and he tapes Jay and Tyler rollerblading through the museum in a race to get out of the building first. Will says he will be right behind them.

Jay and Tyler get out and meet where they were told to meet and Jay calls Will. Will asks if they got out safely and then says that he is sorry. The next thing that happens is the top of the building explodes.

Now Jay and Tyler have been set up to look like they had something to do with the bombing and they try to turn themselves in and explain that they had nothing to do with it. That is not happening. They are prime suspects and their faces are all over the news. They were caught on video fleeing the museum before the bomb exploded.

The rest of the episode Jay and Tyler attempt to leave New York, are captured and then are helped by a mysterious man. The conspiracy is larger than expected and they cannot even prove that Will Traveler ever existed.

This show looks to be interesting and I will most likely watch it when Lost finishes up the season. You can catch the first 10 minutes at ABC.com.