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COMET & CHARGE! November Giveaway!

COMET Prize Pack

I am sorry that it is the end of the month and I am just getting to the November announcement for what is going to be on COMET and CHARGE!. Let’s just say that the spam filter is not filtering out the right stuff. This month there were some really good things happening on both COMET and CHARGE!. And while you are too late for the Flash Gordon Thanksgiving Feast you are not too late to enter my monthly giveaway of fun things from COMET and CHARGE! COMET TV + CHARGE! supplied me with these materials and the prize box. I hope that it is not too late for me to catch Mac and Me. When I was a kid I watched that movie and it cracked me up so much! You can see what I have to give away in my unboxing video below.

You can enter to win the prize pack below through the rafflecopter app.

Comet and Charge Prize Pack

The Comet TV and CHARGE! November Prize Pack has:

1 – Limited Edition Babylon 5 Hat: Only available via this promotion, this hat emblazoned with the iconic Babylon 5 logo will make a spacey addition to your collection

1 – COMET TV Flash Gordon Clamshell Pack: If you’re getting ready to check out the original Flash Gordon serials, this clamshell pack, stuffed with binge worthy popcorn will make even the Ming Merciless’ diabolical plans seem like fun.

1 – COMET TV Babylon 5 and Space: 1999 Confidential Lithograph Set: This set of lithographs are fun exclusives featuring the iconic ships from the COMET TV Space Block. Packaged in a confidential envelope, this set will give you the insiders info on your two favorite spacey shows.

2 – Exclusive CHARGE! CHiPs Aviator Sunglasses: How you doin’? When cursing down Pacific Coast Highway pop on these aviator sunglasses and get into the CHiPs spirit!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please. Continue reading COMET & CHARGE! November Giveaway!

Do You Poken?

I’ll be Poken with my new Poken courtesy of my newest Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack sponsor – PokenGirl! I put out a message on twitter the other day asking people what they thought of pokens. The call was answered by a few people but PokenGirl stepped up and became an Ultimate IZEAFest 2009 Sponsor. She is going to supply me with 4 Pokens. 1 for each of the Contest winners and 1 for me. I stepped up and became an affiliate for her Poken Site.


I can tell that this is going to be a great relationship. PokenGirl is so enthusiastic and has some great ideas. I can’t wait to share my new Dragon Poken with everyone! I’ll be high 4ing all over the place. I asked Allison which Poken I should get, Dragon or Ninja. She looked at me like “Dude, you are a sci-fi / fantasy nerd, um Dragon, duh” She is very expressive with her face.


So this is what I’ll be getting as soon as I am back from Affiliate Summit East. And check out what the description of the Dragon is. “The Dragon is self-assured, gifted and a natural leader. This guy is full of energy!” That is me to a T. Again I waited to long to ask a question that provided me with a contact and another sponsor. Ask people, ask on Twitter, there are great people like PokenGirl out there who you can help and who can help you.

But what is a poken? PokenGirl states

“Pokens are the latest and best way to connect with people when you’re grabbing a coffee, on campus or at a business event! It’s never been easier to add friends into your world; forget scrambling for a pen and a scrap of paper or collecting business cards. Poken makes sure you never lose an opportunity to link up – and stay linked up – with those you need to know.

It’s super easy to Poken. Like 1-2-3. First, chose the Poken that’s most like you. Activate, and create your contact card on DoYouPoken.com. Meet new friends and get your Pokens to High Four and, zip, you’ve grabbed a new set of contact card vitals. Connect the Poken USB to an Internet-ready computer and watch your network grow.”

Want your own Poken and want to High 4 with me at IZEAFest then pop over to PokenGirl and pick one up, they are only $19.95 each. The cost is low but the benefits are priceless. Do you Poken?