100 Days….

Today marks the countdown of 100 days till the wedding. We are quickly realizing the tasks that we have before us. Allison just ordered our cake topper, it will be something that I can’t wait for everyone to see. Yes, I am excited about a cake topper, its gonna be that good.

Allison worked out the invitation the other night and it looks great. She had a creative vision for it and went with it. And she went to a very nice place with it. So we are looking forward to getting those all printed and mailed out.

We’re meeting with Fr. Dave this weekend so we should be getting some more of the details of the ceremony nailed down.

Looks like today excavation will begin on the yard to find the source of the water problems of the past week. Yay, no more super early rides to work because of the limited usage of the toilets at home.

Allison and I are celebrating our 100 day countdown by going to the Fortune House in Cumberland for dinner. The Fortune House is a great Chinese food restaurant. Why 100 days? Well, when I was in college we always had 100 days till graduation parties. Just figured that we’d celebrate the day before our countdown goes into double digits.