$1000 Hot Dog Night with the Nashua Silver Knights

Photo-A-Day #2636

Today we took a ride up to Holman Stadium in Nashua to see the Nashua Silver Knights. It was $1000 Hot Dog Night and I was there to film my friend Rob Merlino, The Hot Dog Man, throwing out the first pitch and eating the first hot dog. The Nashua Silver Knights are a summer baseball team competing in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL). Holman Stadium is a very nice stadium and they run a bunch of promotions through the season including this $1000 Hot Dog Night. Inside a wrapped up hot dog there could be a $1, $5, $10 or even a $100 bill. I didn’t see any green but Rob and his kids ended up doing well on their purchases.

Rob was there with two of his kids. His son Andrew and daughter Little Miss. Here they are with the Nashua Silver Knight.

The Hot Dog Man and family with the Nashua Silver Knight

Eva got to run the bases and clean them with a big toothbrush. She also got to run them again with all the kids at the end of the game. Well, actually she ended up running them by herself after all the other kids had finished. But she got to run them.

We not only met up with Hot Dog Man but we caught up with our friends Ken and Alicia, and James. We haven’t seen these folks for years. It was nice to catch back up and enjoy the baseball game together.