1/2 Marathon in 5 days.

In five days I’ll be participating in the Disney 1/2 Marathon. I think I am ready, the experts say that one must taper their workouts prior to big events like marathons and whatnot. I’ve got that covered, I started tapering one week after I started training. I’ll be walking the 13 miles not running it. I’m really looking forward to going to Disney. I haven’t been there since I went with James and his family back in high school.

I got some information from the marathon folks, one is the course map. And the other is that you can track a runners progress through the www.disneyworldmarathon.com website. I can also e-mail or page people with my race progress. I think I may be able to blog my progress too. And I’ll see about getting Tara and Erik and Beth and Missy to blog their progress too. So on Sunday January 9 between 6:00am and 9:30 (I have 3 1/2 hours to get it done) you can check here for updates. Hopefully it will work correctly.