2 Days away…. the waiting….

Okay so there is a downside to being as organized as I am. There is nothing left for me to do to prepare for the wedding and now it is down to the waiting. I think that the day before the day before the wedding is probably the worst day of waiting through this whole process. Oh there were a few things for me to do today. I had today off because I worked on Columbus Day (Steve that explanation was for you.) and was able to get alot of things done. Allison spent last night up in New Hampshire with her parents and got a manicure today. I took all the gift bags, spare directions, the rest of the placecards (for the wedding party, the hotel wanted ’em so that’s cool), my suitcase with clothes for after the wedding and a sign for the guest book. The guestbook is a special one with 15 pictures of Allison and I in black and white that we want our guests to write in like they would a Yearbook. The sign explains that. And I also brought some stickers to put on the inside of the wedding favors that say that wedding pictures and Aruba pictures will be available on this blog once we are back from the honeymoon. I realized yesterday that in none of the printed materials was there any information about the website. So I went over there and popped the stickers on each favor. You’ll understand when I can explain everything about the wedding, after the wedding.

Then I packed my suitcase for the honeymoon. Just a preliminary packing because some of the stuff I am taking is in the other suitcase at the hotel. Plus I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed in case I had to do some more shopping.

I of course got up at my usual time today despite not having to go to work. So I spent some time with my new online addiction, Myspace. Specifically the myspace music section. I have found a bunch of new musicians there as well as some of the ones I know and love. The past couple of days I have added a bunch of new friends, mostly musicians but sometimes people who have contacted me. As I find new musicians that I enjoy I will add them to the music site lists. If you’d like an idea of my musical tastes check out my myspace profile and friends.

So today I am waiting, with excitement and anticipation for the wedding. I am really looking forward to it.