I love this thing. Yesterday Allison and I watched X-MEN with Jenn and then in the afternoon we broke open the Smallville DVD’s and began watching those. We are starting with Season one and going to watch all 4 seasons off and on until we are caught back up. I had seen episodes 1 and 2 of Smallville back when it first came out but had a conflicting show on at the same time so I dropped Smallville. But it is a very good show and I think by watching all the DVD’s we’re going to like it even more. Of course we should have started watching the DVD’s about a month ago when all the shows on TV were in Re-Runs.

Speaking of TV shows. Neil pointed out that back when the new season started I touted a few shows and panned a few others. It may be time for a revision of what we are watching. So when I get around to it that will go up here.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Michael Crichton books. I have read almost all of them. I liked Sphere (the book scared me a bit, the movie was not good.), Congo (book was okay, movie terrible), Rising Sun (Book okay, movie okay), Lost World (Book good, movie not good), Jurassic Park (Book awesome, movie awesome), Disclosure (Read book, didn’t bother with movie), Eaters of the Dead (Book was interesting, movie was called 13th Warrior, decent), Airframe and Prey were good books, Timeline was an interesting book but I never saw the movie. State of Fear would make a good movie, but because of the State of Fear being perpetuated it will most likely not be made.

John picked up Altenators Sunsteaker and Skids for me over the past week. I got them today. Sunstreaker is a Dodge viper (and should have been produced right away) and Skids is a Scion Xb. Sweet.