Airlines, fun, fun

Today I am flying to Madison, WI for a couple of days and then on the Erlanger, KY. The Cincinnati airport is in Erlanger, KY. This morning’s flight from PVD to ORD was handled with the usual disdain by the American Eagle employees. My plane is a regional jet it has the one seat on the left and two on the right. This is a plane where you must gate check many carry on bags. Gate checking requires a gate check tag on the bag. The main two jobs once the gate attendant calls for passengers to board is to check tickets on the scanner and tag the gate check luggage. Two things to do, not exactly brain surgery but this was not even done correctly. After our gate attendant casually calls for all passengers to board (Glad I have Gold Status) the main Charlie Foxtrot occurs. All of the passengers get up and cluster the ticket scanning machine.

The gate attendant does not have the gate check tags and so all of the people checking bags at the gate have to stand over to the side and wait till everyone has checked in so that we can get our tags. And I have found that fellow passengers have no sense of space or proximity to others. I constantly get the guy who stands directly in front of me close enough for me to get a good whiff of his Old Spice and stale cigarette smoke scent. He is also blocking the passengers who are trying to board the plane, so he steps back into me because he is to self absorbed to be aware that some is directly (within his personal space zone) behind him choking on his eau de crap cologne. So I get stepped on and smothered by his nasty smelling tweed jacket and I get the obligatory look over the shoulder and half hearted apology. Thanks for noticing that the world is not revolving around you personally. We finally get our bags and I am seated next to a fidgeter, yay! It could have been worse because I noticed that the annoying woman from my fights two weeks ago was on this flight. I could have been seated with her.

I have begun reading a book that I got from Great Uncle Richard’s collection. It is called Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic. I have been falling in and out of sleep so I have not read a lot of the book but I like what I have read so far.

I got to read more of this book while flying from ORD to MSN. It is a pretty interesting book. I look forward to continued reading.

Allison and I ordered our Dyson and Amazon is running an awesome sale on vacuums. We actually ordered the Dyson Dc17 Absolute Animal and saved over $100.00 on it.