Al fresco…

Last night Allison and I had our friends Neil and Andrea over for dinner. Neil is going to be the Best Man at my wedding. Only 84 days away. Yikes.

We ate out on the pseudo-patio, otherwise known as the driveway. Steak tips with Montreal Steak Seasoning and ginger soy tuna steaks. Andrea brought fresh baked bread, and strawberry/blueberry shortcake for dessert. We also had some vegetables from Tara and the co-op. Grilled eggplant, gotta work on that one, and grilled summer squash. Grilled zucchini and summer squash from Mr. O’s is quickly becoming my favorite summertime treat.

Do you remember stickers? Back in grade school at SMSH I used to collect stickers. No really Drew you collected stuff, you like to have collections, never would have guessed that. Yeah I collected stickers. Not really what you’d call a ‘masculine’ activity but you see, the girls collected stickers. So to my way of thinking, if I collected stickers then I could spend time with the girls. Ah, the flawed logic of youth. If I had run around the playground tossing dirt clods at the girls and their stickers rather than joining in with them, then I would have made out better with the whole ‘going out’ thing. And my stickers were stolen from me one day. I lost alot of good Toots, Lisa Frank and Mrs. Grossman stickers that day. I remember thinking as a kid that Mrs. Grossman must have been married to the guy who owned Grossman’s lumber yard. Then I realized that was probably not the case.

Why am I talking about stickers and the silly foibles of youth. Well, I found a link on Daily Dancer to Swapatorium, And on that was a post of some stickers from someone’s 80’s notebook.

I still have my sticker collection somewhere (actually as with all my childhood stuff, I know exactly where it is once I think about it). Not sure why waves of nostalgia are hitting me lately either. Last night talking with Neil about the buildings downtown made me remember also that I used to buy my Transformers Comic books at Liggetts and Rite Aid, my stickers at Baldwins and the real exotic stickers came from Fauneil Hall, I always wanted to go there as a kid and buy stickers. I don’t think I ever went. I just went to Ebay to see about stickers from the 80’s they are selling for some bucks. I may have to dig that sticker album out soon.

Probably some of this nostalgia is stemming from the great photos that my cousin Matt has been putting up on his Buzznet Account. He has a section called My Town (We grew up one town away from each other.) and one called Family and Friends. Alot of those photos bring back memories from the 80’s, life moves too fast folks. Too fast. Go check out Matt’s photos and the photos of his artwork. Matt is a terrific artist and drummer. Very talented individual. Check him out, he has some great stuff and is always adding more. He just added a bunch of scans of an 8mm film his friend made. They are really interesting to see.