All Clean… PAD #1059

All Clean... PAD #1059

Today we drove from Orlando to Boynton Beach. We were heading back to Mimi and Grandpa Dano’s. Our ride back was not too bad even if we did take 95. Amelia (Dano’s GPS) sent us that way. We made pretty good time and Eva slept for a huge chunk of the trip. We stopped once for a pit stop and one other time to hit a Harley Shop for pins.

When we got into town we went to a Steak and Shake for lunch. Both Allison and Eva had their first experience with Steak and Shake and I think they both liked it. There are many snowbirds around here and when we entered the Steak and Shake there was an elderly couple who were quite taken with Eva. And I think there was at least three other couples who asked about her before we left.

Today was a travel day so we drove, then the excitement of the past few days caught up with us and we all crashed in our own ways. I took a nap and then edited my Sea World Photos. So there are no 78 Sea World Photos up on Flickr. Hope you like them.

Eva got herself a little bath in the kitchen sink. She has a foam bath pad and love the water. I am looking forward to taking her to the pool tomorrow. I’ll also get to test out the waterproof video camera. Here are a couple other bath time photos. She really loves her baths.

Washing Eva's hair...

Living the Life

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20 thoughts on “All Clean… PAD #1059”

  1. She’s too cute, I feel like she’s growing up very fast, I miss Eva! Has she said “Auntie” since she’s been away? Her outfit at Sea World looked really good on her. Send me a picture from the pool tomorrow!

  2. Oh my! I haven’t been to a Steak N Shake for years! Do they still have that orange shake that tastes like a creamsicle? That was my all-time favorite treat from SnS.

    Little Miss Eva is growing by leaps and bounds! She’s so adorable, I don’t know how you manage to photograph anything else 😛


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  3. Hi Shelby, we are very happy to see you comment on the blog. Eva has not said to much, in fact, nothing yet. Lots of sounds but nothing particular. The Sea World Outfit was wonderful. She looked so cute in it. I have a ton of other photos on Flickr to see as well. We’ll have to see you when we get back so you can see how big she is getting.

  4. Hi Ada,
    She is very easy right now. Sure things can be trying to cart around a baby however she is just so easy sometimes that it more than makes up for the stresses. She is such a curious kid.

  5. Hi Margaret,
    I don’t know about an all Eva blog so I do have to sometimes take other photos.
    I believe that there is still the creamsicle shake. They have so many different kinds. The chocawberry is my favorite.

  6. I am a big fan of Steak and Shake myself. I’ve only been there about 3 times but it is so tasty.

    And I cannot disagree with the second comment at all. She will be going to the pool today and I can try out my underwater camera.

  7. Stumbled onto your blog, almost left the site but saw Orlando mentioned. I started to read it and really enjoyed it. I used to live in Orlando for 13 years before moving out here to Texas. Reading your post made me feel like I was back In O-town. I loved it there.I am waiting for my 2 yr old to get a little bit older so we can take a trip like yours. Thanks for the memories. Take care.

  8. Thanks Shelia,

    She is very content. She just made a big hit at the Boca Raton mall. Good parenting, we are working on it.

  9. Hi Dutch,

    Thanks for not abandoning my blog. We had a great time in Orlando and now are heading out to take Eva for a swim in the pool.

  10. That is so cute. I’m not sure if my son has way less hair or if it is just lighter in color. He goes crazy in the bath. It just wouldn’t be right if the person bathing him didn’t end up almost as wet as he does.

  11. Eva hasn’t gotten to the splashing stage yet, but her mother was teaching her all about it in the pool today. Thanks for stopping and dropping a comment.

  12. We’re big fans of Eva’s chubby cheeks. It is funny that your 6 year old had you scroll back. Thanks for stopping and commenting too.

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