Allison is addicted…

Not to drugs or anything but to shows on A&E or TLC or Lifetime and other channels. And many of the shows have to do with drug treatment locations, interventions and all sorts of things. And I have to tell you it is hard not to get sucked into the shows. We watched this show about a place where there were super obese people. Many of the people had all sorts of major medical issues and I seemed to have the uncanny timing of looking up each and every time there was something really gross on screen like a huge tumor or other things. These shows really freak me but I went up watching them once in a while because Allison is addicted to them.

6 thoughts on “Allison is addicted…”

  1. It really is easy to get addicted to watching someone else’s trainwreck, isn’t it? I was hooked on Dr. Phil for a while, for the same reasons.

  2. Hey Drew-be happy she’s not addicted to QVC and taping the Bare Escentuals segments!! Only a lunatic would even think of doing that!

    Spoken by a self proclaimed lunatic!! Ha!

  3. I hit Dr. Phil once in a while when there is nothing else on at the gym. I can’t watch that long however. It rots my brain and makes me want to shout at the tv.

  4. I caught her watching a segment on QVC online last night but hey I can’t complain I am usually the one stuck with his nose in the laptop.

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