Amazon ads…

You may have noticed that I often put up different books or items from The reason I do so is because I believe in and their affiliate program. Out of all the things I have added to this page to generate a small income (I’ve generated $9.99 in two years, yippee! And I won’t see that money unless I earn $50 total) seems to be the only thing that is worth clicking for folks. I think it is because amazon is a good company to deal with, I’ve been buying from since it started and have never had a bad experience.

So as you are doing any last minute shopping check out but go there through this site to help us out a bit. It is pennies per purchase and in 2015 I will see that $50.00.

Just use the box below. Or the one I will add to the top of the screen. Thanks for making your Christmas Purchases through our site. For book Reccomendations please go to Flatwater Bookstore (My bookstore site with some of my favorite authors. I have many more to come.)