And you can be a Pepper Too…..

So I am in Waco Texas. I did my first demonstration on my own today. It went well. After we were done Peter and I checked out a few tourist items around Waco like the Dr. Pepper Museum. It was an interesting museum and it had all the old commercials playing and a bunch of old bottles and equipment. And there are pictures a-plenty.

After the museum we ended up heading over to the Waco Harley Davidson so I could increase my pin collection. They didn’t have a custom shop pin in stock but I’ll be calling to get one shipped to me. There are alot of great things to see here in Waco and the poor place got a bad wrap with the whole Branch Davidian fiasco. And that wasn’t even in Waco, it was in another town outside of Waco. One of the great things about actually getting to go to places is learning what places really are all about. Photos for your enjoyment.

The Dr. Pepper Museum

Classic Dr. Pepper Sign

Another Classic Sign

These bottles were produced special for LBJ for an event with JFK when he came to Dallas. They were never used because that event was supposed to happen on the very same evening when JFK was assassinated. The bottles were eventually consumed by the Johnson’s and most were destroyed in their dump pile. This one was saved.

Dad’s new shirt

The back of the new shirt

Also Waco is home to the Texas Ranger’s Museum, (Like Walker not the Baseball Team) we didn’t get to go but I hear it is a good thing to see.