Another movie to see

A movie is coming out called Eragon. I have read the first two books and I cannot wait for book three. And I cannot wait for the movie to arrive on December 15. Eragon should appeal to the Harry Potter crowd. I think the stories are much more involved and they are for an older reader, maybe not for the little ones. But Eragon is going to be amazing.

2 thoughts on “Another movie to see”

  1. Um, yeah. Seeing this post just annoyed me all over again. My hubby and I read the series together. We were so excited to see Eragon at the theaters. Who knew it would suck so bad. I mean, they smashed so many parts together the average movie goer couldn’t possibly give a darn about the characters or their quest. The movie was a missed opportunity. The book is so much better.

    1. Shelly,

      I really wish that the movie hadn’t sucked. It did, I hated it, I was hoping ti would be fantastic but it wasn’t. The last book comes out very soon so that is a good thing.

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