Attention Fuzzworthy Fathers

Fuzzworthy banner

If Sasquatch came wandering out of the woods and saw you poolside would he say, “Nice Sweater!”?

If so than you may be a Fuzzworthy Father and that hirsute physique may earn you some prizes like two year’s worth of Cooper Kits, the best kit for Dads and Kids around. I am a writer and tester for Cooper & Kid and they do have some great themed kits for Dads & Kids.

Cooper & Kid is holding their first major contest and they are looking for Fuzzworthy Fathers. We’re talking all sorts of body hair (keep it clean though) including but not limited to Ears, Mustaches, Beards, Eyebrows, Backs, Legs, Arms and more. Just head over to the site and submit up to three photos and then encourage friends and family to vote for your hairy self.

There are three photos of my facial hair there, but I can’t win the contest. However, YOU CAN, if you enter, and win.

Even if you don’t win the contest you can win at being a Dad when you sign up for a Cooper & Kid subscription. You can also take home a little something just for yourself, a free grooming kit from The Motley (worth $65). Check out the Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit today.