Baby Eva Update one of 1,000,000 to come :-)

After the first night with Eva, we didn’t sleep of course; we are more in love than ever. I think I’ve been diaper man since the she arrived. And you know what, it is no big deal. I’m also becoming pretty adept at swaddling. And thanks to LOST, and John Locke, I know what that word is all about and why babies enjoy it so much. See, TV teaches you a lot of useful information.

Eva has been an absolute joy from the moment she was born. She only fusses a bit when she has to move from one person to then next, and when she is getting changed. But that is all understandable. I’ve read her a couple books so far, Goodnight Moon (duh, I was reading her that while she was in the womb) and my new favorite one Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? While reading Goodnight Moon her eyes were open and alert.

She is just so beautiful. Allison is doing fantastic as well. She has some pain and she is tough. No epidural, just a tiny bit of some medication that just did a little. There was no time. Allison is enjoying each moment with Eva and with just the two of us in the room. She knows that we will have many visitors throughout the day. We are so grateful to all the well wishers, friends and family. We are truly blessed.

Here are many shots of our little blessing.

10 thoughts on “Baby Eva Update one of 1,000,000 to come :-)”

  1. I’m so glad to read that the Benspark family is doing so well! I’m really beyond happy for all of you:) The news of Eva’s arrival has made this rainy, dismal week cheery and bright!!!

  2. I’m a little confused…Eva is a little over 24 hours old and yet, she has not started her own blog yet? She IS a Bennett after all!! What gives? Oh! It must be the awful internet connection in the hospital…I guess she gets a pass;)

  3. Thanks so much Samantha. We like to think that she is beautiful, because she certainly is the most beautiful girl in the world to us.

  4. Thanks so much Mo. We are looking so forward to your visit. At least you get to see us when you come down to do work related things. You can catch me before Blog World Expo.

  5. Karen,

    The baby arrived Wednesday at 12:04pm. she is doing great. All this week there will be many photos of her. You didn’t miss much, just the post from the previous day. Easy to catch up.

  6. It is the awful internet connection. However for the time being while her typing skills get up to par she’s going to help me with the new blog. Read to Me, Dad. She is also an official product tester and book reviewer.

  7. Hey AV,

    I figure it is like this, you do what needs to be done and make sure both mom and baby are taken care of, it isn’t that tough when you put them first. Thanks for the great sentiments. We really appreciate it.

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