Back from Cape Fear…

I flew home today. Wasn’t in the best mood for these flights. Cut the arrival at the Fayetteville Airport close because couldn’t find a gas station close to the airport, so had to turn around and get gas, made several wrong turns and long detours. Had the worst orange juice ever and a homemade egg and cheese biscuit that was worse than any one McDonalds ever served. Stood behind small children and old people who haven’t been on a plane yet this century. I’m ever so patient when people have no clue what they are supposed to do in the security line. Had a headache right behind my left eye that was pulsing like it was being stabbed repeatedly. Found my ipaq completely empty of battery power. My carry on doesn’t fit wheels first in every airplane.

However once I got on the flight from Charlotte to Providence things went better, I had a piece of pizza and some Mello Yellow, the headache went away, started reading Serpent by Clive Cussler. First book in the Kurt Austin Series, I think I am going to like this series. The seats had power so I could charge the ipaq. I dropped my empty soda cup as I was passing it to the stewardess and ice went everywhere, luckily no one was sitting next to me in the middle seat. I had a window seat which was nice especially on the approach to Providence. I almost got plowed into on the way home on 295. Some idiot didn’t look, didn’t signal and went right into my lane as my front bumper was parallel to her rear bumper. Then she changed lanes again with no signal. I hate that! Get off the road you stupid cow!

I’m home no, so things are more calm. Day of ups and downs, in more ways that one.