Band Spotlight: Megaphone

One of the things that I would do from time to time on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo was spotlight a band that I had found on MySpace. I pretty much use Myspace for finding new music and on occasion I have purchased CDs and music from those bands and one time I was hanging out in Oklahoma City and saw that a band was playing in Bricktown so I went to see them. I am going to start back with the Singer/Band Spotlights on this blog too.

When I was in Florida at the End of February and beginning of March I had the opportunity to go and see a band called Megaphone play. Unfortunately I am an old fart so I ended up not going to see the show. I’m kicking myself for that for a couple of reasons. Reason one is that a guy I really liked when I met him, Scott, is the drummer of the band and I wanted to see him play and support the band. The other reason was that the band rocks, I mean rock and roll, kick ass heavy good time Rocks! They should have the chance to be a bonus track band on the next Guitar Hero game because their music is much better than some of the bonus bands I’ve played on GH3.

Don’t believe me, doesn’t matter, here is the proof of their rock prowess. You can view a bunch of great videos of the band.

Don’t they Rock, I knew you would think so. Here is a little info on the band itself. Megaphone is a four-piece rock band from Orlando, FL. Loud guitars, big drums, solid vocal harmonies, and hooks that stick to the side of your head are what drive their music. That is part of what they say about themselves. I have to wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I have listened to their music on a few occasions and I really like the songs Freak and Not Your Enemy. You can check out their music on MySpace at

And if you like what you are hearing you can buy their music directly from the band through this widget.

4 thoughts on “Band Spotlight: Megaphone”

  1. Thanks for the post, Drew! That’s awesome! And honestly, I’m an old fart too. I rarely get out to shows. Most of the shows we play are past my bedtime…

    Anyways…thanks again!

    Scott’s last blog post..Anatomy of a Bitchface

  2. You are welcome Scott, I loved the spark and was happy to spotlight the band and help out how I could. If you guys come up to Boston let me know.

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