Being Productive…

This weekend Allison and I have been very productive with regards to the wedding preparations. We’ve ordered the cake. Made another deposit to the Holiday Inn (big one too, ouch). We’ve taken care of some of the things on the registry. Allison is hard at work on her thank you notes from the shower. I’m working away at the computer trying to make our DVD-R/CD-R drive work correctly, it stopped working and made me incredibly annoyed. I borrowed Tara’s CD burner to get going on the wedding favors. My top secret project, is no ordinary CD so don’t even think you’ve guessed what it is. I completed the covers for the CD cases and stuffed the cover into each case. Then I completed an experiment that will work for the rest of the process once we get that one last piece of the puzzle. I will be so glad when this is complete.

Today I did a few things that have been in the back of my mind to get done on the computer. Print some pictures, organize others and whatnot. I finally went through my ink on my HP Photosmart 245 (Portable Photo Printer). So then I open my HP Ink Cartridge #58 to put in a photo cartridge. It is the exact same size as the #57 that was already in it. Its the same size it should work right? Wrong. This photo printer cannot use the photo ink cartridge. I was more than a little annoyed to find this out. And I opened the box and everything. I bought it months ago and was planning to use it when this cartridge ran out. So I am stuck with it. I’ll try and sell it on my company website. But now I have to go and get a new ink cartridge for this printer and Friday I went to Comp USA and made a big purchase to get the 6 months same as cash option. Oh well. I don’t know why I even thought that this would work with the printer. Maybe because they are the same size and sold right next to each other. My mistake, just annoyed with myself for making it.

I do have to say that I really like HP printers, the inks last forever and they run and run.