BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome!

BenSpark's Big Box of Awesome!
Photo-A-Day #1337

Sure, that could describe the box that is sitting in the back seat of my car right now. That would be my box of Transformers and other toys from my desk at work, see Wednesday’s post.

No, this is a box of mysterious stuff that I collected, amassed, was given, begged, borrowed and stole. This is a box of Awesome that I am going to give to one lucky reader. I’ll be revealing a few of the items that are in the box in the next few days. There is a lot of stuff in the box. You can already see that there is a T-Shirt in the box. Are there more? What else is there? How can you win?

How to gain entry into the contest:
* Contest open to US mailing addresses only. Sorry.
* MAIN RULE – Leave a comment making a guess as to what is inside BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome (you don’t have to be right), there are many things. (remember if this rule is not followed then no others will count)
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Contest will start now and end December 17th at 12:00pm EST BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome will be mailed out December 18th. Hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas. Contest open to US residents only.

Have you actually seen everything that is in BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome. Check out all the “revealed” items on my Flickr page.

255 thoughts on “BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome!”

    1. If I had a second on hand that would certainly be a great addition to the box, however. I don’t, good guess though.

  1. Oooh. I’m gunna guess there are business cards, stickers, t-shirts, x-shots, something camera related, maybe a bag or something, and a dingo and it’s baby.. lol

  2. Oh and I’m already following you on twitter. (forgot to mention that) Now I must go outta your blog and get some breakfast for the kiddos. 🙂

  3. I am guessing there is an IZEA pop can holder. I forget what they are called but they keep your soda cold and keep it from dripping onto the end table.

  4. Karen, you are right on the money one of those is inside, that is called a koozy or coozie or any variation on the spelling.

  5. Is it cheating to say I saw on one of your other blogs that there’s an XShot in there? Also, I was hoping for one of your I’m not a famous blogger t-shirts, but I saw that’s a bad guess.

    How about one of those awesome calendars? That would be a good addition to the box.

    Annas last blog post..Slippery When Cold

  6. Anna,
    A calendar is a great idea for the box. I haven’t received them yet but once I do I think one might make its way into the box. Good suggestion. And no, it is not cheating to look around my other blogs for what is in the box, that is encouraged.

  7. I’m going to guess that there is an Edge digital frame, cat toys, toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals… that’s all I can think of for now. I like the T-shirt!

  8. OK – first… the guess.

    I’m thinking there’s a shirt that says “I talk to strangers”. Underneath that shirt is an Xshot, a dingo who is eating all the pencils, a camera memory card, a Christmas ornament (tis the season, right?), some dingo poop (hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go), and lots of love from Drew. 😀

    Misty Dawns last blog post..Big News, Random Thoughts, & Other Stuff

  9. I say there is a t-shirt in there. Maybe a coffee to go cup and god knows what else. I can’t even guess.

  10. The box contains (other than the t-shirt):

    (1) The only season of Northern Exposure, DVD set, that I do not own;

    (2) The 18 1/2 minutes of Watergate tape erased by Rosemary Woods;

    (3) Lost episodes of Green Acres;

    (4) Mrs. Murphy’s chowder;

    (5) Seal-A-Meal;


    (6) Sarah Palin’s Neiman Marcus card.

  11. Dina,
    There might be, But I wonder who is going to reveal that. That is if there is, in fact, a Market Leverage shirt in the box. What is FeedFront?

  12. I knew I recognized that ML blue behind the top shirt! FeedFront is the affiliate marketing magazine developed by Shawn and Missy, who run Affiliate Summit. Great articles in there!

  13. Actually that is not what you are seeing Dina. that is a as of yet unrevealed item. But your guess is still solid. But who will reveal those two items. Hmm.

  14. Jesica,
    Do you know any sponsors handing out digital cameras? If so let me know I’d love to put one in the box, sadly I don’t. Good guess though.

  15. Vickie,
    Games, hmmm, Wii games, double hmmm. I’m not sure if I have any of those in there. Good guess.
    I actually got NHL2009 from Yard Barker but may offer that as a separate contest.

  16. Melissa,
    Nope but a good guess. If I had spare time that I didn’t spend on the internet or on facebook, finding old friends and posting old photos, not to mention playing tons of games, then maybe I’d have some time for a rubber band ball. 🙂

  17. The box is pretty big so I’ll guess a Xshot, some Izea goodies, “I’m not a famous blogger” t-shirt, a Benspark calendar, an Edge Tech goodie (wishful thinking!).

  18. Carol,

    Roll of quarters, too heavy. Brownie Mix, I bet I could get some of that. A Sock monkey, don’t have one. Good guesses though.

  19. AVCr8teur,
    There is an Xshot and some IZEA goodies, the T-shirt was a no go because the only one that exists is mine. A calendar might make it in though.

  20. Mo,
    A calendar would be awesome. One might make its way inside the box. I’m following you on twitter. I think either me or Allison told you all about it and therefore need to follow you to make sure you use it for the powers of good.

  21. Chris,
    A netbook? This is a box of awesome! not a box of I’m putting myself in the poorhouse. 🙂 Maybe if I get a sponsor I can give one away sometime.

  22. Barbara,
    This is a family blog. But in case you were really wondering, no there are no sex toys in the big box of awesome. What you do with the contents however I cannot be responsible for.

  23. Ellen,

    No there is not. But I have been meaning to go there to take pictures of the Lights. How do you know about La Salette?

  24. Hi Julie,
    No chocolate unless I decide to add some at the last minute. No keychains either and I get tons of them yet none hanging around. IPhone, I Wish. Good guesses though.

  25. Cherie J,
    No pina coladas or drink mixes. I was thinking of sending something that was a powder (insta snow) but I feared my big box of awesome would become suspect.

  26. ummm let me guess. An orange safety vest? OK, I peeked.

    For some reason this vest really makes me want to win and I have absolutely no idea why. I just sat looking at it thinking “wow! a safety vest!” Not that I think I would ever wear it. Or want to be seen wearing it. I think I just want to own it.

    MaryBeth Is last blog post..UPDATE 12/14/2008 – Progresso winners!

  27. gonna guess there is a a bunch of great stuff…hmm a digital camera…some cofee- or something hot or something to get you hot- sexy things for the spouse…ok a gas card, a pair of gloves, air?

  28. Sandy,
    There are some really great things in the Big Box of Awesome, some you guessed and some you didn’t Thanks so much for entering.

  29. Chad,
    No netbook, no game boy either but there is a PDA in there. Market Leverage TV revealed it today. Good guesses and thanks for entering the contest.

  30. I am guessing Batteries,a flashlight and a Baseball cap..I am not sure why i am guessing those things..maybe they are awesome things for guys:)
    Such a fun contest, i have been enjoying your blog!!

  31. Crystal,
    No baseball cap, no flashlight or batteries. But there are awesome things for guys and gals. Glad you like the contest.

  32. Heather, you might be right, but alas you are not. Good guess, if you know anyone who wants to have me give away an iPhone I’d gladly do so. Thanks for entering.

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