Big Bubba… PAD #1064

Big Bubba... PAD #1064

Did you notice that the shark has headers? I was looking for a place for dinner and found Two Georges online. Come to find out it was a place that Dan and Marcia had been to before and they liked. So we decided to go for dinner. Marcia had been making us meals all week so we wanted to repay them for all the meals all week.

Today was a pretty nice one. The weather was awesome so we went to the pool. We were not he only ones there today. There was a young girl who was trying to get a tan, she saw us coming and took off. Apparently a mom and dad and baby were just too much for her. No matter we really enjoyed our time in the pool. We took videos and some great photos. I posted them to Read to Me, Dad. The underwater camera worked perfectly too. I did a little review of it on The Wired Kayaker. I didn’t edit either of the videos so there was some weird bits at the begining of each.

The weather continued to be nice so we took a nice long walk. I took that opportunity to go on a Gecko Hunt. I had some great shots while on the hunt.

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