Big Doings at

Kevin at is working on big things with the site. The site is getting a face lift and a new relaunch in the next week or so. It was going to be this weekend but a few more things needed to be tweaked. And that is fine with me because the more work done before the relaunch the better the new site will be.

The original was a simple yet elegant idea, gather 625 bloggers on one page. On the page there are 625 pictures and each one is linked to an individual and unique blog. Kevin and his wife read all of the blogs. They selected me once as Blog of the Day. Such dedication to blogs and bloggers is very appreciated and I am glad that Kevin is finding more exposure and success with his great idea.

The relaunched site will have a voting feature so bloggers can vote on blog of the day on each others blogs. A forum will soon be part of and I was asked to be a moderator on the forum. Sot hat should be pretty cool. If you haven’t gotten listed on then there is still space. How is that possible? It is possible because instead of one page of 625 bloggers there are 4 pages of 625 bloggers. So go and get yourself listed on the hottest thing to hit the Internet in a long time.