Blog World Expo is coming

The next month is going to be crazy for me. In addition to running for established blogs I am starting up my fifth blog. My wife is due to give birth in 19 days and Blog World Expo is coming up. Sure the birth of my first child is the most important thing coming down the pike, but I am supposed to go to BWE. I’m waiting on funding before I make my travel plans however. That is taking some doing. At least it is taking some waiting.

While I am waiting I have been looking into my options for lodging while I will be in Las Vegas. One of the places that might be an option is the Tropicana Las Vegas. I’ve heard about it in movies and on TV and it is pretty famous. I would like to stay someplace with history while I am attending the conference. The Tropicana might be just that place. In the meantime I will continue to check out the possibilities of locations and travel plans.