Bloggers Choice Awards. Revisited

I was very excited to go to PostieCon back when it was going to be in Orlando. I really was. But I am glad it didn’t happen on June 1st because of all the craziness around my life during that time. Now I am not saying that November is going to be any less hectic (little one on the way) but I think I am going to enjoy myself much more at Postiecon in Las Vegas in November. One thing that I would really like to do while I am there is walk away with the Blogger’s Choice Award for Photography Blog of the year. I have really been a consistent photographer and my work has greatly improved over time. And I noticed that I am holding steady at #6, but I am very close to the #5 position.

There has been a surge of people who are now reading and commenting on this blog. I appreciate that so much and a big part of it is due to the Photography Memes that I have been participating in. And many people have voted for me. I really appreciate the votes everyone. Thanks so much. I haven’t been good about changing the image on the left sidebar. But I updated it today.

Vote for BenSpark for Photography Blog of the Year

The other reason I am looking forward to PostieCon is because it coincides with Blog World Expo. And I hope to meet some other bloggers that I have ‘met’ online. I am really hoping to catch up with Kevin from FuelMyBlog as well as many bloggers and podcasters that I admire.

2 thoughts on “Bloggers Choice Awards. Revisited”

  1. I’m looking forward to it, too. I hope the trip I won includes a ticket to Blog World…I don’t know yet, because nobody has gotten back to me to tell me. But it would be kind of silly to fly me all the way across the country for just one day.

    There are so many people I want to meet, too. That would be really cool to meet Kevin…hope he can make it!

    I already voted for you…good luck in getting more people to vote!

  2. Now that the PostieCon is in Las Vegas, I am kicking myself for not entering the contest. Glad you won though. I am looking forward to it.

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