Blue Monster Revealed has a new marketing campaign out. It is called the Blue Monster and is a gigantic blue truck with a PayPerPost paintjob. It took hours to scour the web, trade with people and refresh, refresh, refresh. But here is the almost complete puzzle of all 192 (except for 9) pieces.

I found (all but 9) of the pieces today and put them together in a 600 x 800 image and the 192 (minus 9) image fit perfectly. Needless to say I did not stay up late enough to win the $500.00. I wanted to spend some time with Allison before I left at 4:00am. Oh well I’ll get to $500.00 soon at the rate I am going with these posts. It was a fun hunt but no need to wait till 11:59 to put up the remaining pieces. Thanks to tom who helped me and shared pieces of the puzzle.

Update: It is Monday 7:16pm EST and 4:16pm PST. I signed on at the hotel and immediately foudn the rest of the pieces. And so did everyone else, about 12 hours ago. The finished product.