Book Review: We Found a Monster by Kirk Scroggs

We Found a Monster
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DC Entertainment sent me a free review copy of the graphic novel We Found a Monster by Kirk Scroggs. I have been looking for books that will keep Andy’s interest and having a tough time. When I saw this book as an option for me to review I jumped at it and was glad that I did. The book has enough silly humor to it that it makes Andy laugh and continue to read page after page.

When we go to karate each week Andy always asks me if he can bring his iPad or Switch so he can play while his sister has her class. I always say no and have him take a book instead. He usually brings a short one and is done in minutes. Today he brought We Found a Monster and it held his attention for most of the class. Another sign that it was a good book is that he kept telling me parts of it as he read. When your kid is telling you about the book he is reading that means that he is engaged. An engaged reader will keep reading and want to read more. So, if a book gets my nine year old excited then it is worth recommending.

I read through much of the book and I loved the art as well as the humor. There are such funny details like things as simple as Frankenstein (Franky) needing to be recharged via USB it hilarious. Also the fact that Franky’s head is a screw top lid that is childproof is way too funny. The book is also well balanced between text and illustrations to keep kids interested.

The official description of the book is below as well as an affiliate link so you can pre-order the book since it comes out on January 12, 2021.

From Kirk Scroggs, the acclaimed writer and illustrator behind The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid and SnoopTroop comes a monster-rific story about an outcast middle-schooler who finds friendship in the most unlikely of places.

There’s a reason scary movie fan and master of the macabre Casey Clive looks ten times paler and more exhausted than the average sixth grader: Monsters!

He’s got tons of them! For the last…er…unusual year, monsters have been arriving on Casey’s doorstep needing a place to stay, something to eat, and lots and lots of attention. He’s got She-Bat in the attic, a zombie under the flower bed, gremlins under his real bed… and who knows what’s lurking in the bathtub! It’s getting impossible to keep these haunted houseguests a secret, much less get a good night’s sleep. Casey has to find a solution, and fast!

But someone is onto Casey’s supernatural stash. Zandra, the new girl at school, not only knows about his creature collection, but she’s found a monster, too. And she wants Case to take it off her hands.

Now Casey must juggle location-scouting for his house of horrors, keeping his monsters protected from the townspeople and an evil droid of doom, and navigating middle school. Good thing he can trust Zandra…or can he?