Burn Notice: Trust Me

This is an episode Recap, spoilers are in it.

Also I am in the UK right now and cannot access Hulu (Ouch) So no video to embed but it is online at Hulu if you are in the US and want to watch it.

I’m a bit behind on Burn Notice. This past Sunday night I watched season 1 episodes 1-6 on my flight from Boston to London. That was pretty cool to catch back up and see how things came about through the first episodes. It was interesting to see the relationships develop through those first few episodes. But this is about the most recent episode.

This episode was one where Michael got a step closer to finding about Carla and he also helped a friend of a friend of his mother. This week’s ‘client’ was a young man and his mother. The young man was trying to help her mother because cancer took away her life savings. The young man was very naive and he borrowed money from a loan shark and then lost it all on an amazing ‘deal’ from a con man. The deal was a club in Havana.

Here’s what I don’t understand about this. First off the guy was such a naive loser how did he get into a club where Zeke (Con Man) found him and also how did he hook up with a loan shark in the first place. That seemed odd. So the entire episode I was suspicious of this guy and his mother. They were just so wholesome I thought a great twist would have been that they were the con men and finally Michael has one put over on him. Don’t get me wrong I think Michael is awesome but I was wondering if anyone could get things over on him.

But the guy and his mom were the victims of a scam but Zeke and his associates. Michael and Fi went to Zeke’s club. Fi came in as Michael’s ticket into the back room and Michael as the new mark for Zeke. This week Michael tried out a Texas accent. Later to seal the deal Sam was brought in as Michael’s lawyer Charles Finley. Sam has used this persona before. I like how certain things int he show have a running theme like the yogurt. There is yogurt in every episode and now I look for it.

The other part of this episode was Michael trying to get some information on Carla. He breaks into the Pakistani Consulate and takes a document. He makes a connection with the head of security who is an ex-spy. I love how Michael does these things and the voice over work is great too. At one point he plops down on a blanket that the Pakistani Spy and a girl are using for a park picnic. The spy asks who he is and Michael calls himself Mister Inconsiderate, funny.

In the end Michael gets the money from Zeke and pays off the loan shark and threatens him to never pick on the naive guy or anyone’s mother again. I also like when Michael gets tough guy because he is in such control all the time that when he gets a little angry it is believable.

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