BWE – Day 1

Today I went to Blog World & New Media Expo. I met up with Kevin and Ian and Marcus from FuelMyBlog and watched the opening keynote with Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. The keynote was interesting, there was a dig at PayPerPost at the end but I’m pretty sure that after PostieCon that will no longer be an issue and PayPerPost won’t be the industry whipping boy for the downfall of the medium.

And speaking of PayPerPost now IZEA, I finally got to meet Ted Murphy. I brought them a framed photo of Eva holding one of my business cards for the Great Wall of Posties. It thought it was cute, they were happy with it.

After the keynote I went to a session about podcasting but it was way to advanced for the things I want to do. You really have to have some financial backing to do it up like these guys were talking about. That session was with Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay.

The main floor was interesting. I met some people from Utterz and found out that they are located in Maynard, MA. Right in my own backyard. I talked with Chris and Sim and Michael. They were all really nice guys and we tlaked about some utterz meet ups in the area. I’d like to get them to do a meet up at the Sit ‘n Bull Pub in Maynard, basically because I have always wanted to go there and also because Utterz – Cows – Bulls – Sit ‘N Bull Pub, come one it is magical. I will suggest it to them tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time networking with people and totally missed all my sessions. I have a backpack full of stuff and I’m going to hump it back to the hotel before I head to the Hard Rock and my mission for tonight it to finally meet Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy.

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  1. No kidding. After watching all the RockStartup episodes and e-mailing Ted and all I feel like I know him a bit but it was great to meet him just like it was great meeting you in Boston. I am so pumped for PostieCon.

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