Can I blog faster?

I have to admit it, I spend far too much time blogging, thinking about blogging and planning to blog. I am adamant about providing the best content that I can and giving my readers something for their time that they spend coming to visit this blog. And I type pretty dang fast for not being a touch typer. Man I would get in trouble in my typing classes in high school because I would always sneak a look at the keys. I still do it but my fingers fly on the keyboard.

But if I could blog faster I could blog more, since this isn’t a full time job for me I need to budget the amount of time that I actually spend blogging. I want to do this faster but not lose out on the quality of each of my posts. At work I can use Dragon Naturally Speaking software in order to enter information on reports. I know that using this software I can set up special macros for performing specific functions. For example I could set a macro to open a new blank post by programing a macro to recognize, “Write Post” as a command to open a new blank post. Then I could say “Title” and move to the title field, say what I want the title to be and use another macro to move on to the post.

I have used the software and it is pretty good for many needs at work. I think that incorporating this into my blogging may in fact help me to blog faster. But we shall see.