Caught up on TV Shows

Fox At Comic Con - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Panel

In the past week I got caught up on some of the TV shows that I was missed over vacation. I watched the last two episodes of Burn Notice and that show ended the summer season with a huge twist and an equally huge bang, literally. The episode called Double Booked had Zachery Ty Bryan as a guest star and he was a huge jerk. He plays that role really well. I don’t think I’ve seen him in any other type of role. The episode called Good Soldier was great with all the surveillance on Carla, the dialogue with Michael and I do like it when Michael has to get beat up in order to get in good with the bad guys that he double crosses. Good stunts in each episode as well.

Allison and I watched the summer finale of Psych and that had some great guest stars in Gary Cole and Alan Ruck. Both actors really brought something to the episode. We also saw great interaction between Shawn and the police. Gus had some good stuff too and there was a bit of a tease between Shawn and Juliette.

We watched The Office as well as My Name is Earl on Hulu. Both shows were very funny. There is just so much that happened in each that was minute and mundane to recap but so funny to watch. The big thing with The Office was that Jim finally did propose and Pam said yes. Excellent! It was so quirky and fun and totally caught me off guard.

I caught How I Met Your Mother on and that was terrific. I loved the Barney/Lily interaction and how Barney cannot stop being Barney.

I also caught up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. These terminators are making things very, very difficult for John Connor and Sarah Connor. The Shirley Manson character is awesome and Cromartie is really very complex.

Oh and how can I forget Heroes. Sylar and Claire, Peter and Nathan, Matt, Suresh and Maya, Hiro, Ando and speed girl. So many great revelations. This season is going to be amazing and very very dark.

So tonight is Monday and this Monday is going to be a tough one for our TV schedule. It looks like we will probably end up taping Chuck, watching How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory (the only show I didn’t catch last week) and catching Terminiator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Then at 9:00 we’ll watch Heroes and then at 10:00 we’ll watch Life and tape CSI Miami. The DVR is still not functioning right yet. I have to disconnect the other box in the house and have a signal set up again.