Celebrating Mother’s Day

Allison and the Kids for Mother's Day
Photo-A-Day #3321

We celebrated Mother’s Day today with a meal at the Eagle Brook Saloon. Allison put her favorite places into a hat and picked out one for us to go to after we picked Eva up from school. We had a delicious meal and the kids were very well behaved, even Andrew. He’s getting more and more words each day.

Bedtime with the kids was tough. I am headed to California tomorrow to attend the PBS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Eva was so upset because that means I can’t bring her to school all week and this week she is “Student of the Week”. Mind you, I am not missing some event at school but I can understand because it is a special week for her and she wants me to hear about it. So I put Eva to bed, read her a book and then comforted her for about 30 minutes as she sobbed about missing me and not having any time during the week to play with me and me having to work every weekend.

She brought up many of the same frustrations that I have as well. She asked me why I couldn’t work overnights all week instead. If it was up to me I wouldn’t have to work at any point when I could spend time with the kids but unfortunately Powerball hasn’t shined down upon me, yet. I had a pretty hard time going to sleep tonight.

Hopefully she won’t be too sad all week and I can wake up Friday and take her to school before I have to leave everyone again for a whole ‘nother weekend of work.