Charlotte Web Design Blog Contest

Did you think this was going to be another contest that I was putting on? Nope, this one is very simple. No adding things up and commenting daily and all the sort of hoops that I put everyone through, this is a very simple and straight forward blog contest. The contest is being sponsored over at the Charlotte Web Design blog. And they are giving out some great prizes. You could win one of three prizes:

  1. Apple iPod 5G
  2. Microsoft xBox 360 Console
  3. VIEWSONIC, Q191WB BLACK LCD 19″ Monitor

So how to you enter? You can go to the Charlotte Web Design Blog Contest post and see that the rules are simple. Write a post about the contest with anchor text of “Charlotte Web Design” and link that back to Then send an e-mail to with your name and link to your post about the contest. That’s it, you are entered into the contest. Why didn’t I think of a contest that simple and fun?

The final day for entries is September 22, 2007 and the contest is open to U.S. Residents only. The drawing of the prize winner will be a drawing from a hat and will be taped and put onto the Charlotte Web Design blog. And Keith from Charlotte Web Design promises the video of the results will be exciting. So why not enter today, it is very simple and quick to do. I entered and I’m due to win another prize, anyone want to challenge?

4 thoughts on “Charlotte Web Design Blog Contest”

  1. Thanks Meeyauw, It is all about luck, no need for me to ask for votes this time. I’ve had too much of that lately anyway.

  2. Drew, you are contest master. Do you win often? The only contest I won, the person reneged on the prize. LOL

    Just stopping by to comment on blogs for C&C Monday. I am late today.

  3. You know, I have actually done pretty well, the first contest I was in was thrown by Christine and I won some Alton Brown DVDs, then I won an iPod and then I won a freelancer account at Gizfolio. So all in all I did pretty well. You should play my contests, I always follow through on the prizes. I’ve got contests planned into December as well and two for next month.

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